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About VoType Editorial and Transcription Services

At VoType, our mission is to provide fast, accurate editing and transcription work. Our goal is to deliver quality work at reasonable prices.

VoType's Principal

Wendy Ledger has been a transcriptionist since 1989. She graduated magna cum laude from Tufts University with a degree in French and in English. She received an MA in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University and she has been published in the San Francisco Chronicle, the East Bay Express, and Music for the Love of It.

As a transcriptionist, Wendy has worked in a variety of specialized fields. She has transcribed medical panels, expert witness notes, board meetings, police interrogations, reality TV shows, technology conferences, oral history projects, and pretty much anything else you could imagine.

As an editor, Wendy completed the Professional Sequence in Editing certification progrom from the University of California Berkeley Extension in 2014. She just finished a two-year tenure as editor of The Perstorian, a monthly e-newsletter for the Association of Personal Historians. She has worked on a number of projects, including genealogical books, memoirs, personal histories, cookbooks, grant proposals, and academic dissertations.

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