VoType: Quality, thoughtful transcription

VoType Transcription Rate Structure

VoType charges per recorded minute of material using the following categories.

Type 1:
  • Straight dictation
  • 2 person interviews
$2.00 / minute
Type 2:
  • Conferences and other group sessions
  • Multiple person interview
  • Time code insertion
  • Non-interview 2 person situations
    (eg. walk-and-talks, brainstorming sessions, research interactions)
  • Highly technical subject matter
$3.00 / minute
Type 3:
Audio that is difficult to understand (accepted at VoType's discretion)
Examples would include
  • Heavy accents,
  • Softspoken people,
  • Poor recording quality,
  • VHS recorded on EP mode
$4.00 / minute
Weekend work (eg. Work required over a weekend or holiday not previously scheduled). 50% Surcharge
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