VoType: Quality, thoughtful transcription

Payment Terms

VoType Transcription Services accepts cash, check, and credit cards. Payment is due within 15 days of completion of the job.

For first time customers and customers with previous payment problems, VoType Transcription Services reserves the right to request a deposit for the work to be done.

For large jobs, VoType Transcription Services will deliver your work in incremental segments. Each job segment will be invoiced at the time of delivery, payable under normal terms.


For cancellations of a scheduled project, please contact us within 24 hours of the date that the job was to begin. If a project is cancelled after we have begun work, you will be charged for the amount of work completed.

Content Type and Pricing

VoType's pricing quotes rely upon an accurate description of the work being submitted. If the material we receive is substantially different from the quoted description in content, audio quality, or length of material, VoType reserves the right to adjust the billing for the work. VoType will discuss this change in rate with the client before proceeding on with the project.

Refund Policy

VoType Transcription Services will refund any payment within 30 days from the date that payment was made. Requests for refunds must be submitted in writing and any transcripts or documents produced by VoType must be returned or destroyed. If payment was made by credit card, refunded amounts will be credited to the customer's credit card.


For customer convenience, VoType Transcription Services will store transcripts and source files (if submitted electronically) for a period of one year from the end of project. However, VoType makes no representations of guaranteed storage or retrieval. The customer is solely responsible for maintaining the integrity and backups of their own files and content.

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