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Customer Testimonials

VoType's principal transcriptionist, Wendy Ledger, has been transcribing everything from board meetings to oral histories since 1989.

Here are some of the reviews her work has garnered from clients:

My work as a personal historian relies heavily on accurate transcriptions of interviews with my subjects. Wendy at VoType has provided me excellent, reliable service for two years. I love working with Wendy. She is professional, consistent in her high quality of work, has never missed a deadline, and is a delight to work with. I tried out several transcription services before finding Wendy and none came close to her consistent quality and professionalism. I highly recommend VoType!
—Linda Hamilton Owner, Stories to Last

Wendy has transcribed all of the oral interviews for personal history books that I write with accuracy and attention to detail. She has even researched foreign language expressions to ensure accurate transcription. I also plan to use her service as a proof reader/editor.
— Leslie RupleyOwner, LTR Productions: Preserving Personal Histories

Our company has turned to VoType for transcriptions of over 25 hours of Oral Histories. The transcriptions were accurate and the turnaround time was very quick. This was especially appreciated after our experience working with a company overseas. We were first lured to the attractive prices of this overseas company, but discovered very quickly that their transcriptions were unusable because they were full of errors. We received the best value with VoType and this is why I give them my highest possible recommendation.
—Vikky Dauciunas President, Vikkyd Productions, Inc.

I first became acquainted with Wendy Ledger of VoType Transcription Services at the 2008 annual conference of the Association of Personal Historians. Impressed with her demeanor, I followed up to learn more about her services. I initially chose to work with Wendy for my interview transcription because she was willing to offer a rate per interview hour, which makes it much simpler for me to estimate my expenses and translate them into my client fees. After completion of a number of projects, I have found Wendy's rates fair, her turnaround time excellent, and her work professional, up to standard and a great value. I highly recommend Wendy Ledger and VoType Transcription Services!
— Diane DassowOwner, Binding Legacies

I have been working with Wendy for almost 13 years. She is one of the best transcriptionists I have ever worked with, and I have known several hundred since starting my business 26 years ago. She has an excellent grasp of the English language, vocabulary, grammar, spelling, and a good ear for nuances of language and accents. She is also extremely responsible in meeting deadlines and communicating with clients. Both her work and her work ethic are impeccable.
—Nina Feldman Nina Feldman Connections

For many years, I did my own transcribing, so I'm particular about how it's done. Wendy Ellen meets my high standards; she is very fast, accurate, and a good communicator. I like her pricing system and find her fees very fair. I'm delighted to recommend her.
—Trena Cleland Personal Historian, First Person Narratives

Wendy Ellen Ledger served as my assistant during 1989-1990. During those two years, she transcribed a large number of cassette tapes from conferences and interviews, including dialogues for an entire book, Belonging to the Universe, which I coauthored with Brother David Steindl-Rast. From 1994 to the present she has been transcribing tapes for the Center for Ecoliteracy, of which I am a founding director.

During all those years I have always greatly appreciated her dedication to this work, her promptness, speed, and high accuracy, and her ability to deal with complex texts, which has been especially important for my scientific work.

Wendy is a delight to work with and I warmly recommend her services.

—Fritjof Capra, Ph.D.

Wendy Ledger has been our transcriptionist through much of the history of our organization. She has provided fast, consistent, thoughtful work for us over these years. It's been a pleasure to work with her.
— Zenobia Barlow, Executive Director, Center for Ecoliteracy

Wendy Ellen brings an intelligence to her work that far exceeds the average transcriptionist. Her swift turnaround and thorough attention to detail took the pain out of getting this project on paper.
— Amy Miller, Backbeat Books

Wendy Ellen Ledger is a marvel -- fast, accurate, and completely dependable. For more than a decade, Wendy Ellen has handled all manner of tasks for me with speed, grace, and intelligence. There simply isn't anyone better.
— Fred Setterberg, writer and editor

Transcription is an art, and Wendy Ellen is an artist. I have written three books and had astounding success. Without Wendy Ellen's marvelous, efficient, sensible, and intelligent assistance with my miles of tape, I don't think I could have done any of these books. Any time anyone I know needs transcription services in New York City, I make sure they send their tapes to Wendy Ellen in the Bay Area. She's the best.
— Andrea Siegel, writer

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